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Bug In 2016


The Volkswagen Club of Western Australia (Inc) will be hosting the 47th National Bug-In in Perth in 2016.

The Bug-In will again be held over Easter and in 2016 the dates are 25th to 28th March. It is proposed to once again have a ‘Road Trip’ after the Bug-In for about 4-5 days.

We have prepared an ‘Invitation’ for interested persons to complete (and return) to register their interest and receive the information the club will be issuing over the next 9 months. This also has some basic information on the Bug-In that they can read to help them consider coming to our event.

Ray Willis

Club Secretary and Editor ViaWest Magazine
Volkswagen Club of WA (Inc)
PO Box 175
Victoria Park WA 6979

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VW Factory, Wolfsburg Germany, October 2013

It was late at night when the twin prop landed in Hidleberg. The original plan was for me to catch a late train into Wolfsberg and then taxi to Haliendorf (a suburb of Wolfsberg) to my accommodation. Not wanting to do the train bit my wife arranged a car from Hidleberg instead.

Horst met me at the airport in full driver livery, he was holding a sign with my name on it so there was no mistake. Horst would have been well into his seventies, I could not help but think that he has been a professional driver for many many years. Horst ushered me to his big black E class Mercedes. It was just after 10pm when we set off. The 180km per hour on the Autoban impressed me no end, even at that speed Horst frequently had to move back to the centre lane to let faster cars pass. It was surreal!
Delivered safely to my destination, bed was my only thought. The morning saw me on the bus to the Autostadt (VW Factory/Museum Complex). Those of you that have been know how well set up the whole thing is. Day one was spent visiting the various buildings on site, the museum and taking lots of photos of the cars. Day 2 was the factor tour in their little bus with an English speaking guide providing commentary (no photos were allowed
inside the factory) It was most enjoyable and I would recommend the tours to what is considered VW heaven to anyone.

The single thing that stood out during my four day visit to Wolfsburg was that although just about even car had a VW badge on it, I did not see one single vintage VW of any type the whole time I was there, except in the
museum of course. I am sure they must be around, maybe they keep them hidden in their garage and only have them out on special occasions. The absence of the old classics was quite obvious.

Some photos are attached for your enjoyment.


Baskerville Foundation

More than $50,000 for the Baskerville Foundation has been raised at the two-day Baskerville Historics event held in
A collaborative effort between the Hobart Sporting Car Club and the MG Car Club, the event was a resounding
success and raised an incredible amount of money to go towards the Foundation’s planned track renovations.
A revival in historic motorsport racing saw club motoring enthusiasts come together to celebrate older race cars and
raise funds for a great cause. Usually an event like this might raise in the vicinity of $15,000, but attendees dug deep
in the hope of keeping the Baskerville dream alive.
The Foundation had hoped to have $100,000 in the bank by the
end of 2013 and thanks to the Historics event this dream is now a
reality. It was great to see the motorsport community come
together and not only have a great time, but also assist the


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